Feed The Soil Bokashi Basics Workshop:

In this class, we will introduce you to how Bokashi works and how it can help you turn food scraps from your own, and maybe even your neighbor’s kitchen into beautiful compost in about four weeks. We also detail how bokashi can help you

We will offer onsite classes at several locations around San Diego County.

If you are interested in a holding a workshop at a private location, please contact us. The class includes a free Bokashi System Setup which includes 2 Bokashi Buckets with Gamma Lids, 1 gallon of Bokashi Bran, and a custom made bokashi soil regenerator/compost bin. (100$+ Value). There is a 10(ten) person minimum for hosting a Bokashi Basics Class.

Price: 30$ per person

Bokashi Bran Making Class

If you have been using Bokashi for a while and buying FTS or some other company’s Bokashi Bran. You may be ready to make your own. We are very proud of our proprietary triple fermentation bokashi bran making process. But if you are using a lot of bran and, WE HOPE, sharing it with your friends and family. Making your own bran can save you money. This class is great if you produce more food waste than the average household or want to experiment with the many possibilities that bokashi fermentation offers.

In this class you will learn to make a basic bokashi bran recipe using a commercial EM-1 (effective microorganisms) product. We will also cover how to make your own lactobacillus serum for making your Bokashi inoculant without having to buy any commercial products. This is a hands on class and participants will make there own 5 gallon batch of bokashi bran.This amount of bran should last a family over a year and will keep stable for over two years if kept dry.

Price: 45$ BYOB (Bring Your Own Bucket)

Living Soil Building Workshop Series

San Diego is not known for having the best soil for growing non native plants. Feed The Soil began when we saw how much it would cost to fill two large planters with quality soil. We quickly learned that compost can fix sub par soil. And from there, the adventure began. Municipal compost is cheap, but it does not compare to what you can make in your own back yard. This multi day/part workshop will begin with hot a compost bin/pile build and an intro to using mulch for better soil. We then move on to working with worms and other critters. This includes black soldier fly larvae, mealworms and even fig beetle larvae. All of which can be used for animal feed as well as for soil fertility and plant health. The series will end with a class on making planting mix with homemade compost to use for potted plants, seed starting mixes, and amending native soil with compost, worm castings and insect frass. A full outline will be posted once the workshop is scheduled.

Price: TBD